Assembleon Feeder Calibraion Jig

The feeder calibration jig is used to periodically adjust the pick position of the feeder in order to maintain high pick reliability. The new camera and monitor dramatically simplify and speed the adjustment procedure.
Assembleon Feeder Calibraion Jig
1:Product Name:Intellectual Feeder Calibration Jig
3: Characteristic
* Easy to manipulate.
* Quite different with the traditional feeder calibration jigs, it has no axixes and guides, just adjust buttons you can move focus with ease, so more durable
* Actual feeding like machine running can be simulated. Also you can control it manually.
* High Definition Industrial CCD with magnifying power 50
* Through a monitor, capable to calibrate all different Sizes and different kinds of feeders using the built-in Line generator.
* Verify and calibrate feeders correctly by using master steel tapes.
* Ligth, beautiful and more durable。
4: Available for feeders such like Panasonic , Fuji , Juki , Yamaha ,Samsung , KME , Siemens , Sanyo etc
5: Power AC 110V / 220V 60W
6: Air pressure:4-5kg/cm2
7: Volumne:530mm(L)×350mm(W)×580mm(H)
8: Net Weight :22 Kg; Gross Weight : 36Kg.
Assembleon Feeder Calibraion Jig