Soldering station tips
Soldering station tips-900M-T-0.5C Soldering station tips-900M-T-1.2D
Soldering station tips-900M-T-1.6D Soldering station tips-900M-T-1C
Soldering station tips-900M-T-2.4D Soldering station tips-900M-T-2C
Soldering station tips-900M-T-3.2D Soldering station tips-900M-T-3C
Soldering station tips-900M-T-4C Soldering station tips-900M-T-B
Soldering station tips-900M-T-I Soldering station tips-900M-T-K

Name: Soldering station tips, 900M series in bulk
EPA, Made-in-China, 10 pcs one pack
Model: 900M-T-
10 pcs one pack, sold in bulk
Applied to: 936 and 937 soldering station, 900 and 907 handle,and all the special handles of 900M series
1, Made by oxygen free copper, with more than 20000~30000 solder joints, suitable for lead-free soldering, belonging to high-grade product
2, The option of Soldering station tips: be fit for the solder joints, specific see the size of solder joints, usually is IBK3C24D like sodering tips
900M-T-K, knife-shaped
900M-T-SK, thin knife-shaped
900M-T-KU, fine knife-shaped
900M-T-LB, Lengthened point-shaped
900M-T-4C, horseshoe-shaped
900M-T-3C, horseshoe-shaped
900M-T-2C, horseshoe-shaped
900M-T-1C, horseshoe-shaped
900M-T-B, round point-shaped
900M-T-I, point-shaped
900M-T-1.2D, “-“ shaped
900M-T-1.6D, “-“ shaped
900M-T-2.4D, “-“ shaped
900M-T-3.2D, “-“ shaped

Characteristics: fast heat transfer, long service life, easy to tin, no cold solder joint

Characteristics of the extremely point-shaped:
Model “I” iron tip: finest tip top
Application scope: be suitable for delicate or narrow-space soldering, and the correction of solder bridge in chip soldering

Characteristics of the standard point-shaped:
Model “B” iron tip: with no direction limitation, free solbering with the whole top of the iron tip
Application scope: be suitable for nomal soldering, with no limatation of the size of solder joint
Model “K” iron tip: a multi-purpose iron tip, soldering by the knife-shaped part, both accectable in the form of vertical and horizontal solbering
Application scope: be suitable for the soldering of SOJ, PLCC, SOP, QFP, power source, the grounding component, the solder bridge correction, connector and so on.
Model “C” iron tip: similar application to model “D” iron tip, like the situation of large solbering area, thick terminal, large pad. Model “4C/4CF” iron tip is suitable for the sodering requiring great heat, like thick terminal soldering, circuit board grounding and power source soldering

The option of Soldering station tips:
1, size
A, the size of solder joint: a iron tip fit for the size of solder joint smoothes  the work— too small, insufficient heat: too large, massive melting of tin makes it hard to control the amount of a series of components
B, the intensity of solder joint: sodering by the thin shaped iron tip on the intensive circuit board to reduce the the solder bridge

2, shape
A, the types of soldering component: different kind of electronic components, like resistance, capacitor, SOJ chip and SOP chip, calls for according iron tips to premote the working efficiency
B, the degree of difficulty in touching the solder joint: soldering by the long thin shaped iron tip in the situation when the solder joint is surrounded by some higher electronic components and hard to be touched
C, the amount of tin need: soldering by the iron tip with large surface tin coating area in the situation of large need of tin