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PCB Support Block


PCB Support Block

PCB Support Block

PCB Support Block

We all know that it’s a trouble to set up double sides PCB board with high density of components if you use PIN, JIG, now you can solve this problem with ease with our PCB Support Block.

※ Just put the PCB board on the PCB Support Block , you needn’t so any other things, it really save your time.
※ Our PCB Support Block is very soft, so all components on your PCB board will not be damaged.
※ Our PCB Support Block is anti-static, it avoids static damages your components.
※ Durable—Our PCB Support Block  can be repeatedly used more than 6000hours with the temperature lower than 100℃
※Our PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks has a magnetic bottom, what you need isjustput it on the board, or for some special machine, it canbe fixes with screws.Now we can offer you PCB Support Block for most common machines such as Philips, Fuji, Panasonic, Siemen, Universal, Juki and so on.

Dimensions: 125*40*20mm(L*W*H), it can be cut into any size as you want.


PCB Support Block

Model : DBE-PCB-S-P-P
Brief introduction to the PCB-Supports module DBE-PCB-S-P-P

New-style PCB Supports module: DBE-PCB-S-P-P is a new product that is brought to the market after two years’ research by our company’s professionals. They combine their rich on-site experience with overseas technology to research PCB-Supports DBE-PCB-S-P-P. At present, some large-scale enterprises have accepted and introduced this product.

Product usage:
PCB-Supports DBE-PCB-S-P-P is a new product that is specially designed for solving following problems: a large amount of debug time and possible damage to component and PCB microcircuitry caused by hard pin and gauge when using high-density and two-sided PCB to print and mount. The PCB-Supports module DBE-PCB-S-P-P can help you solve printing press and chip mounter’s problem of touching the board. Anyone can use this product handily.

Product advantageous:
1. Easy operation: directly put the pin module into two guide rails. PCB need no precise alignment.
2. Increase efficiency: saving more time when changing wires than using original hard PIN.
3. Good generality: applying to any PCB and any brand of printing press.
4. Safe and reliable: avoiding damages to component and microcircuitry caused by inaccurate alignment.
5. Durability: adopting precision mechanical principle. Guaranteeing 2 to 3 years’s srvice life under normal operation.

Technical parameters:
1. External dimension: length 200mm × width 42mm (standard size). We can customize different sizes according to customer’s different needs.
2. Anti-static parameters: below 1000MΩ.

Applied to :
1. All printing presses in the market, eg. DEK,MPM,PANA,EKRA,YAMAHA,HITACHI,GKG,DESEN

Operating instructions:
1. First, put the pin module DBE-PCB-S-P-P on the supporting platform of printing press. Decide the quantity of pin module according to the size of PCB. PCB enters into the platform of the printing press through the track, meanwhile, the platform rises.

2. If the pin touches PCB, the pin of component will go down automatically. Then, lock the pin module. So the pin will form a shape similar to gauge according to the distribution of PCB component.

3. We can see the overall distribution of pins after we remove PCB.

4. Later, if using the same PCB to print, PCB can be directly conveyed to platform through the track. Then the fixed pin module touches PCB to start printing.

5. If wires need to be changed, we just need loosen lever of the pin module and repeat the first step. It takes about 30 to 150min when using original hard PIN to change wires, but now it takes less than 10sec by using the pin module.


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