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smt nozzle cleaner

smt nozzle cleaner

Our smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine can automatically wash and blow dry the nozzles, espacially used in the clearance of SMT small components, like 0603, 0402,0201,1005 and other high-precision nozzles.

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smt nozzle cleaner-DBE-NC18

smt nozzle cleaner

Part Number:DBE-NC18

Taking PLC as its control center, this smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine adoptes modular control and multiple protective measures in design, with the characteristics of a high degree of automation and reliability, as well as excellent performance.

Main features of smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine:

Streamline design, more beautiful and dignifined in product aesthetic

Simultaneous work of 12 nozzle at one time, more efficient and energy-saving

Having a visible window, convenient for protection and performance

Adopting the material of aluminium and stainless steel in the part contacting with water, rust-proof and anti-corrosive

Humannized design, with the capability of turning on or turning off the machine with one button on the surface of the machine

Taking touch screen and PCL distributed control system, more stable and reliable in performance

Convenient operation with Chinese-English switch

Having malfunction alarm and emergency braking system, together with overload protective system

Using environmental and pollution-free industrial purified water (the value of HP: 5-7 soft water)

Centrolized collection of industrial wastes, convenient for maintenance

smt nozzle cleaner-DBE-NC28

smt nozzle cleaner smt nozzle cleaner


smt nozzle cleaner smt nozzle cleaner

Part Number:DBE-NC28

video smt nozzle cleaner

Characteristics ::

A : Streamline appearance with elegant design

B : Adopt 20-30 nozzle to do cleaning simultaneously to achieve high efficiency and energy-saving;

B : Inspection windows for the whole process, which makes maintenance and operation more convenient.

C : The part touching with water adopts 304 stainless steel, which is anti-rusted, anti-corrosion, firm and stable;

D : Humanized design which makes external buttons achieve start/stop through one key.

E : Adopt touch screen + PLC distributed control, which makes performance stable and reliable;

F : Easy operation, friendly interface and can be switched between English and Chinese at any moment.

G : It has error-operation alarming system and emergency braking system , equipped with over-loading protecting system; Alarming system and

H : Utilize environment-protecting industrial pure water free from contamination (HPvalue 5-7 soft water);

I : Centralized collection of wastes, which makes maintenance more convenient;

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