smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine

smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine
Our smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine can automatically wash and blow dry the nozzles, espacially used in the clearance of SMT small components, like 0603, 0402,0201,1005 and other high-precision nozzles.

Taking PLC as its control center, this smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine adoptes modular control and multiple protective measures in design, with the characteristics of a high degree of automation and reliability, as well as excellent performance.

Main features of smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine:

  1. Streamline design, more beautiful and dignifined in product aesthetic
  2. Simultaneous work of 12 nozzle at one time, more efficient and energy-saving
  3. Having a visible window, convenient for protection and performance
  4. Adopting the material of aluminium and stainless steel in the part contacting with water, rust-proof and anti-corrosive
  5. Humannized design, with the capability of turning on or turning off the machine with one button on the surface of the machine
  6. Taking touch screen and PCL distributed control system, more stable and reliable in performance
  7. Convenient operation with Chinese-English switch
  8. Having malfunction alarm and emergency braking system, together with overload protective system
  9. Using environmental and pollution-free industrial purified water (the value of HP: 5-7 soft water)
  10. Centrolized collection of industrial wastes, convenient for maintenance

Main technical parameters:

Tractor parameters:



Power supply(three phase line)

3P2W, 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 10A

Power requirments


Gas source pressure

0.5-0.6Mpa (normal condition)



Electrical control part parameters:

Gross power


Control mothode

Touch screen and PLC

Gas source

Purified condensed air

Injection pressure


Air assumption

Below 280NL/min

Liquid type

Industrial purified water

Liquid assumption


Liquid storage


Air-intake duct/drain pipe

¢12 / ¢8

Specification of nozzle pallet

12 nozzles in acquiescence

Specification of nozzle clearance

0201-2512 (inch)


smt nozzle cleaner, smt nozzle cleaning machine