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fuji CP3 smt nozzle

fuji CP3 smt nozzle

We sell all kinds of fuji CP3 smt nozzle for Fuji CP3 SMT pick and place machines : AGPH-9560 Ø 0.7mm, AGPH-9410 Ø 1.0mm, AGPH-9130 Ø 1.3mm, AGPH-9050 Ø 1.3 mm(MELF), AGPH-9470 Ø 1.3mm, AGPH-9060 Ø 2.5mm, AGPH-9430 Ø 3.4mm, AGPH-9460 Ø 1.3mm (MELF). All these Fuji nozzles are with high quality and very competitive price. We also manufacture custom nozzles for Fuji CP3 SMT pick and palce machines.

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fuji CP3 smt nozzle

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